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Next Step: Swift, One Language to Rule Them All | MIOLabs

2 Feb 2021 | Cocoa/Cocoa Touch, Coding, General, MioJSLibs, MioLabs Swift Transpiler, Swift

«Remember: One language to program them all (Swift) and one logic to bind them (MIOLibs & ExOS).»

With so many modern programing languages, and just as many platforms to program for, today’s companies are faced with new resource management issues in an ever expanding digital market which favours flexibility and speed and we find one special resource more and more difficult to administer: the developer.

With our project MIOJSLibs we have improved upon our developer management by increasing their flexibility. Because of our library (MIOJSLibs), both our native iOS and web applications share the same API and programming logic allowing us to move our developers inside these two areas as needed. Even with this there is still one major deficiency: the ability to share code, something that would be very useful especially given the differences and difficulties if we are also developing backend serves and hardware/firmware.

Between the many areas of programming (native, web, backend and hardware/firmware) and the myriad of languages and frameworks available, we at MIOLabs have found a solution that has put us above our competitors in terms of speed and flexibility: one language to program them all and one logic to bind them. (We know you love LOTR references)

Why Swift?
In MIOLabs we use Swift, why you ask? Swift is a faster, more efficient coding language than its predecessor Objective-C, it has less legacy baggage and supports dynamic libraries. The code it produces is highly efficient and easy to learn for new developers because of the way the grammar was designed. Being open source and the main programing language for Apple platforms is just icing on the cake, but most of all, it works good and feels great. MIOLabs is mainly comprised of native Swift developers so how did we make the successful jump to web apps and stay competitive with larger international companies? We took advantage of our resources: the developers.

MIOLibs (similar to our JS framework MIOJSLibs) will be a new development framework based off of Cocoa, and compatible with existing Apple frameworks like UIKit, Fondation and CoreData. It will be written in Swift giving us the compatibility needed to share the code between iOS and Web platforms. As well, we have migrated our servers to Swift so we can share the same code and logic between all 3 platforms, maximising our efficiency and time. Now, our employees jump between native app development, our web projects and backend server maintenance with ease, removing time and resource bottlenecks.

On a special note: since we already share code between three areas (native, web and server) we had a though: why can’t you share the same code and language for hardware development? And we did just that. ExOS is an operating system for microcontrollers we created several years ago implementing the Swift language and our libraries.

MIOFramework: MIOLibs, MIOLabs Swift Transpiler and ExOS Microcontroller
In the past each separate platform would require its own team with special knowledge of its specific frameworks and languages. Now by combining our Swift Transpiler with MIOLibs we are giving Swift compatibility to areas that traditionally require a specific and limited programming knowledge.

Now, our number one resource (the Swift programmer) can effectively and comfortably program on all platforms and in all projects. This is the secret to MIOLab’s internal resource optimization, and the reason why we are fast, flexible, and can compete with the big boys.

And remember: One language to program them all (Swift) and one logic to bind them (MIOLibs & ExOS).

MIOFramework in GitHub:
ExOS webpage:

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