exos-logoEmbedded posix OS

ExOS is an new, easy and fast solution that to develop and implement any hardware idea and make it into a fully functional prototype. Without the complexity of a higher level OS, it is a product full of advantages that offers endless possibilities and 100% adaptability to any new enviroments you may have. Even for an inexperienced programmers it is easy to take advantage of be it in development, implementation or programming. It turns a normals dificult task of programming microcontrolers into something more manageable and easy.

Dual Link

Dual Link is an exceptional technological solution; a dual linked platform between business and customers making real time interconnection in a bi-directional way possible. The Leisure and ‘Hostelery’ Suite redefines the concept of what a POS is with its efficiency and visual uniqueness. Oriented towards the food services industry it consists of seven applications based on the iOS system and easily centralizes all your bussiness needs under one device. Dual-Link's TPV syncronizes each and every operational and management related function through a visually appealing touch interface which is intuitive and easy to use despite its myriad of functionalities.


Xkuty One re-thinks movement and it’s fun! We’re talking about an efficient, intuitive, up-to-date vehicle which is extremely easy to drive. It’s ergonomics on the move. The design and technology are based on principles such as sustainability, comfortability, etc. and its integrated application turns your iPhone into a full control center. Turn your Xkuty on and off without touching it, adjust the speed limit, Xkuty lets you relax and just enjoy the trip. Xkuty is fully customizable letting you change things like color and accesories, and this is just the beginning. A new way of getting around that embraces comfortability and the technology of the future.


Subtitler is a new useful tool that allows for easy movie subtitling and syncing within a wide range of options. Edit, delete, track, sync music, etc. all from a completely intuitive visual interface. It is totally compatible with any format that works with Quicktime and allows you to make quick movie edits without being an expert.

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